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AIMM is Re-Emerging

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November 3rd, 2020

“Hi, I am Kevin Teman, creator of AIMM the Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker

The path of AIMM has been a long one. We’ve battled technology by pushing the standard ahead to voice operated apps in 2017. We’ve battled a brittle, stale status of corrupt dating apps, and we’ve battled all of the business people who have little mind for positive change and only wish to propagate what already exists (which is crap), and we’ve battled journalists who’s only interest is boosting their readers and have little if no integrity.

AIMM is not a proven technology. It is an evolved product, we care less about the act of proving it than we do about continually creating a more useful process in dating, that we set forth a long time ago.

We released the Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker AIMM in 2017 when the world only knew of dating apps. The reaction was intrigue and joy by our users, mixed with confusion and slow adoption from limited funds from the creator (programmer) to reach a wider audience. Several points were established: people believed with confidence it needed to be here, and second, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to market a product without money.

I am programmer by profession, and come from poor family of programmers, we don’t have the money to push things. I couldn’t afford to start this. I did it because it had to be done. I rose up from the bottom to build something that had to be built. I spent my last 13 years working on iPhones, my entire career. I’ve always loved creating new interfaces that bring joy. That’s what does it for me. Like, I created virtual book readers before Apple Books was ever a thing that opened into beautiful realistic pages, hiking apps that animated your trail as you went, and interfaces that you could control just by tilting the phone in your hand. These interfaces are what we all need. There are next steps to be taken.

Unfortunately this is not how the rest of the industry feels (the idiots). They feel it is necessary to push the same web-page style interfaces we’ve seen for decades. What causes people to cling to old, inferior ways of doing things? Let me know when you find out.

Consumers know that AIMM the Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker is a must in this world of shallow, corrupt, empty dating apps (if you’ve had personal experience using them as part of the lower 80%). (If you’re a beautiful man or woman, dating apps work but are annoying. It’s the other 80% of people that fail (but do NOT fail in person). AIMM is essential. However business people who lack motivation to innovate tend to view AIMM as a risky experiment. They are very wrong, of course. It’s safer for them to not take a chance even on something even if it will improve everything massively, like AIMM will. This is because they are afraid of failure. This has been our experience. It’s easier for the investors to just wait until things prove themselves. We fight through this – what is essentially a lack of faith in human nature, in each other, in all of us, in expecting failure from each other. But AIMM is not a failure product… it was never an experiment gone wrong (or failed product), it was always designed exactly to be what society needed. It’s always been this way. Journalists desperately try to get you to believe that it’s terrible, doesn’t support LGBTQ, is sexist, and the list goes on. Journalists could reporting on a rocking chair, and they’d say the same things. They lie constantly for their own ends.

Carly Stern of Ozy Magazine of California, after flying out to interview me at my house in Denver, Colorado created a draft for an article on AIMM claiming that AIMM didn’t support gays or bi-sexuals, and that emotion recognition doesn’t work and I was a mislead creator. Everything she said was fabricated, completely made up. The reality is I work with the best matchmaking services and I’ve supported gays/bi-sexuals since the beginning.  She just lied. For some agenda she had. We wrote her and forced her to change her lies or we would make our own report on her lies. This caused her to change 80% of the draft. She backtracked out of her lies. She then published the article stating that AIMM doesn’t support LGBTQ (which is the opposite of the truth). It was then regurgitated by three other news sources claiming that AIMM doesn’t support LGBTQ. Carly Stern was dumb enough to pick the one person who actually cares about LGBTQ to target for her agenda (1 out of a 1000 dating apps), the one person who always fully support gays and bi-sexuals… she should be ashamed of herself. Ozy Magazine should be ashamed of itself.

This has happened to us many times, and happens to every startup but they can’t say anything because startups are trying to earn approval from the journalists. In 2019 Tanya Basu of MIT Technology Review did the same thing. She published a story that AIMM doesn’t support gays or bi-sexuals. If you are a journalist who has mis-reported on AIMM you should be ashamed of yourself. Why do you even write? You’re only harming the world, and by harming AIMM you’ve harmed one of the best things coming into this dating industry.

Why is AIMM better? Think cars instead of horses. AIMM is a full matchmaking service laid out in an automated form (AI), from getting to know you, curating and selecting partners for you automatically, then facilitating your phone call and date and coaching you through the process, guiding you after the date, and continually setting you up with people. This process is only found in human matchmaking services. Contrast this with dating apps, which provide almost nothing in comparison. No help in the dating process in dating apps, left to find your own dates in a gallery of people, no facilitation of the relationship, and no follow up on setting up the relationship. Worse, companies are running them into the ground because they just don’t care. Demand is too high. They rest on their lazy laurels.

Dating apps failed me for 20 years of my prime life (starting as websites, and transitioning to dating apps in 2010). As a lone-wolf by nature (which I’ve always treasured about myself) I put my best effort forward and could not meet decent people through dating apps, Match, OKCupid, Bumble, eHarmony. I didn’t get responses, I never got dates with females who would actually work well with me. Ever. And I tried everything, even hiring professionals to guide me and they couldn’t improve it either. Unlike what the dating industry is desperately trying to get you to believe (by injecting fake reviews and fake profiles)… it’s not your fault. They are the ones failing you. The environment they create is one of primary insecurity, needing to pay to be seen or get to the top of the list. And, the beautiful people are masqueraded in front of everyone while the regular people are discarded. Fake profiles are inserted as regular business practice to lie to and mislead. THIS was the foundation of their businesses. This is the dating industry for the last 20 years, and what I am fighting, every corrupt person who thinks just because there is so much demand they can do whatever they want.

That’s changing now. AIMM has already started changing that. We are here to serve daters. I will make sure people in my position, self-respecting individuals who have a lot to offer are met with other individuals who also have a lot to offer, instead of wasting years of their lives being discarded through dating apps (which I commonly compare to kid’s toys). People in my position, not able to meet opposite sex partners because their professions are 97% same sex, and hobbies are the same way. Why should these people be punished and robbed of meeting their great partners? Left out of the mainstream dating pool? It doesn’t make sense. AIMM serves self-respecting individuals, hard-working people that bring a lot to the table as a partner. I NEVER asked to be excluded from meeting good people, and I was never OK with it, it was forced on me. Automatically, this society robbed me of meeting my true someone. It’s atrocious.

This will not happen for you and the next generation. I and my team are working hard to make sure this problem is fixed and in the future we all have a real process, a self-respecting avenue (NOT dating apps, and not as expensive as real human matchmakers) to meet people. This MUST be done, while the other 1000s of dating apps continue to meander and make money off of young people’s insecurities. (pay to get to the top of the list, the most touted feature of common dating apps, makes me want to vomit in my mouth)

AIMM has been working with the largest matchmaking service in North America, very popular, and longstanding experienced since 1980s to hone our app. We’ve interviewing matchmakers, and making improvements left and right. We’ve been partnering with the most advanced technology companies to enhance the experience again (think more life-like avatars and more of them), and we’ve been working hard to bring in money (investment). However as mentioned investors seem to be resistant against ideas that have potential to change things for the better. If you are an investor who was worked with me and you are reading this, you should be ashamed of yourself for not jumping on this. Can’t say it any other way.

This is our announcement that AIMM is plowing forward towards its goal. We will fix this problem in society. Our spirit has not haltered for one moment, despite ongoing never-ending attempts to silence us by large corporations (think, largest ones). If you’re wondering why we don’t appear in standard advertising channels it is because they are silencing us, not allowing us to be shown. Large companies are threatened by how substantial our product is. They should be. What we’ve made is truly needed and overcasts the money-grubbing attempts they’ve created. We are waiting kindly while the documentary makers (such as Network Entertainment of Robert Downey Jr’s Age of AI who cut us from the documentary at the end with no reason) and all others trying to silence us (many). And journalists who are lying about us. We’re not going away. Our spirit has grown stronger in presence of these illegitimate forces who do their business under-handed and under-the-table. We represent the positive change needed in the industry and will continue to push for people that need this badly. And on that note: anyone who has tried to sabotage us (there are many on the list now) or under-handedly tried to silence us will face their consequences, I’ll make sure of it.

In the past year we’ve been working very hard, like a duck paddling under water. We have a smoother, more natural app that we have not released yet working with largest matchmaking service in North America that reacts better, and gets people together better. This will come out soon and be available despite all the illegitimate people that are fighting against it.

We thank our supporters, those who believe progressive things should happen, instead of resisting it because it’s different or because they are jealous, and thank you to the people who are in pain because of the troubles this society causes you in dating and lack of meeting people. I FEEL FOR YOU. This stems from the deep rooted problems in our society and all the horrible companies that fund your dating apps. We are here to fix this problem for you. We fight the fight for you. Reach out to us to say hi if you get a chance, I don’t have too much time but love to say hi. Talk soon.