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AIMM Releases Talking App Kit for All iOS Developers to Convert Their Apps

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In 2017 AIMM was created by a single person with the goal of recreating the human matchmaking experience. AIMM was the first talking dating app, built from the ground up, and on its mission to recreate the human matchmaker experience (advice, coaching, friendliness), AIMM tested this fully speaking app with thousands of users in Denver, New York, and California during its launch. The talking AI, which feels like something from the movie “Her” (here) asked 44,000 questions and gave 2,500 introductions and successfully achieves a natural, more enjoyable signup process.


AIMM is now introducing the Talking App Kit, an all-inclusive package designed for any iOS developer to update their app(s) quickly and easily.


Quick Setup Example (50 seconds)


Since AIMM offers its dating service free at the moment, and with the huge benefit of this new interface, AIMM is now introducing the Talking App Kit, an all-inclusive package designed for any iOS developer to update their app(s) quickly and easily, or create an entirely new talking app. In addition to listening for responses and directing conversation flow, the kit also allows interruptions by the user! This feature has never been experienced yet as not yet implemented by services like Siri or Alexa. Interruptions allows the user to speak in quick back and forth quibbles ( Imagine the app speaking, and the user suddenly interrupting it “no that’s no what I’m talking about”, then instead of ignoring you because it’s talking (like Siri and Alexa would), it will hear you over its own speaking, respond and change the conversation mid-sentence! This creates the feeling that you’re talking with a real person. The Talking App Kit demonstrates this concept here (, and will come with a live publicly available demo that you can soon drop into your app to easily use. For now, this demo will be provided as soon as you indicate your interest in the kit by emailing their company, here:

Some developers might say “voice recognition is provided free by Apple.” While true, voice recognition is only the first step in creating a talking app. Our kit takes care of the rest too, which is not covered by most others. It allows you to outline the conversation flow, and generates the voice and does all interpretation offline without reaching external services (which is much quicker). Combining the voice recognition, natural language processing, and voice creation in a single kit that works offline, with unlimited use, saves years of development time (or $2-3 million) for any developer looking to quickly add a talking interface to their app or create a new talking app. AIMM was the first fully talking app to ever enter Apple’s App Store, where they spent time polishing the system which interprets a wide variety of speaking styles and provides a large number of interpretations automatically, tuned to be most like talking with a real person, and feel most natural. The combination of the three technologies into one makes creating a talking app as simple as can be. You simply drop the kit into your app, specify the meanings you are looking for, outline the reactions, and the kit generates the voice and interprets varieties of different speaking styles while delivering your meanings. More information on their kit page with code examples of the few lines of code you’ll need to create to use it:

Adding the speaking interface creates an immediate facelift for any app and thrusting it into the current era – giving users a great impression of your service, speeding up the onboarding process to bring more revenue to apps like shopping apps, food ordering apps, personal journals and coaches, banking, and many others which can add the interface on top of theirs. Take advantage of the new kit quickly at:

Timothy Sexton of DNA Romance’s a leading edge dating service which analyzes DNA (similar to 23 and Me) with plans to adopt the Talking App Kit and predicts the kit could “speed up the onboarding process (getting to know the users and taking their information) by twice (2x) as much, and bring twice as much revenue along with it”.

See what the kit can do for your app as well: